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Donkey Ollie E11 - Off to Rome

Ollie sets off to find his brothers and ends up being shipped off to Rome to fight in a coliseum.

Donkey Ollie E13 - The great battle

Jehu joins Ollie in the arena and together they fight for their lives and for the freedom of all the animals.

Donkey Ollie E12 - No way out

Ollie is thrown into the arena with a hungry lion and hyenas and must rely on his faith to survive.

Donkey Ollie E10 - Bad company

Ollie's brothers run off with a gang of wild donkeys and find themselves in way over their head.

Donkey Ollie E07 - Faster than wind

Jehu's niece and nephew captured by Egyptian slavers. Ollie, Jehu and Rupert cross the desert to rescue them.

Donkey Ollie E09 - Don't be fooled again

It's the day of the big race and Jehu gets unexpected help from the horses.

Donkey Ollie E08 - Let the children go

Jehu must learn to drive a chariot to win the big race and rescue his niece and nephew.

Donkey Ollie E05 - Shipwrecked

Ollie and Jehu meet a friendly raven who says he can help find Ollie's brothers.

Donkey Ollie E04 - Kidnapped

Ollie must rescue Elizabeth and Jehu before a pack of wild jackals can attack.

Donkey Ollie E06 - Welcome to the island

Ollie and Jehu must escape an attacking octopus.

Donkey Ollie E02 - Road to Damascus

Saul steals Ollie but on the way to Damascus, Saul finds himself blinded with only Ollie to help him.

Donkey Ollie E01 - Journey to Jerusalem

Donkey Ollie dreams of traveling to Jerusalem with Jesus but Ollie's brothers have other plans.

Donkey Ollie E03 - Camp of thieves

Thieves capture Ollie and his brothers from Elizabeth and Jehu, who are left tied up in a tree with no hope of escape.

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Friends & Heroes E05 - Ekte helter.mp4